Trading in CFDs and generally leveraged products involves substantial risk of loss and you may lose all of your invested capital.

Introducing Broker (IB)

To increase your partner reward, you can become an Exness Introducing Broker (IB). Inform clients of our professional trading conditions and invite them to register trading accounts using your partner link and receive additional income.

Introducing Broker (IB)

An Introducing Broker can receive more than 30% of the spread on transactions performed by signed-up clients

Increase your income

As an Introducing Broker who signs up a large number of clients, you can significantly increase your income. You will receive a personal offer of partnership conditions depending on your operating region, trading volume of signed-up clients, and activity.

In addition to increasing their partner reward, the most active Introducing Brokers receive a multitude of advantages:

  • Ability to receive additional payments and compensation;
  • Promotional materials such as banners, website, etc.

The more clients an Introducing Broker signs up, the greater his or her income

How to become an Introducing Broker (IB)?

To receive IB status, you must develop your partnership with the company: you must have a large number of active signed-up clients and strive to gain more;
An Introducing Broker can propose new ideas to improve Exness service, participate in special research, explain the particulars of working with the company to traders on various websites, etc.

Submit an application to become an Introducing Broker

Additional information for IBs

Introducing Brokers can receive the following Exness promotional materials:

Standard Exness banners and informers ("Quotes", "News", and "Currency Converter") for your website. Upon additional request, we can also provide partners with our logo, full-screen banners, and other elements of corporate style in electronic format.

Advantages of partnering with Exness

One-of-a-kind partner rewards

Exclusive offer for each partner

Instant withdrawals

Reward is credited regardless of the volume of transactions

There is no limit on how much reward you can earn

Detailed statistics

Limit on reward size

If auto-referral activity is detected, i.e. an Introducing Broker receiving reward from trading operations performed on trading accounts that are controlled by the Introducing Broker himself or herself, as determined by direct or indirect evidence, the size of the Introducing Broker's reward may, at the company's discretion, be reduced to 0%. This is necessary because when using auto-referral schemes an Introducing Broker essentially fails to perform his or her primary task - signing up clients.

Reward is not credited if it is less than 0.01 of the Introducing Broker's trading account's unit of currency or if the signed-up client's account has a negative balance after the position is closed.

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